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Are you a pre-service teacher who’s trying to put together an ePortfolio? Maybe you’re mentoring one? Hopefully, you’ve found Edufolios already, have skipped the website building part (because we’re super awesome and do all that for you – you’re welcome) and are busy wondering what on earth to put into this portfolio, how  you’re meant to meet the graduate standard and what it might look like? Well.. let this webinar from our chief answer all your questions!

Even if you’re not using Edufolios (er… why not?) you’ll find this webinar (with a live audience who asked heaps of awesome questions) on the graduate standards full of awesome information.  Here’s Selena walking you through how to gather evidence for your Graduate portfolio.

Skip to the best bits (for you):

  1. What does the Eportfolio of an experienced educator look like? Time: 3:02 – I’m showing you around mine and explaining how I use it to gather evidence.
  2. How to add the graduate standards and focus areas using Edufolios Time: 3.32 – We’ve put all of the graduate standards and focus areas in there for you. You don’t have to create them. Infact, you don’t even have to remember them all, we’ve even got a standards guide in there too!
  3. Matt asks whether conversations about students with parents or mentors count as evidence at the graduate level. Time: 7.20 – absolutely they do.  Here’s how you use and record that.
  4. Don’t know what to write about or how many standards/focus areas from the graduate standards you could include?  Time 9.06 – Hear about the reflection questions we provide you with and how they can help you add evidence from Prac. or from your assignments.
  5. What is the evidence gathering thing about? Time 15.08 – 16:57 – Here’s why you shouldn’t make a page for each standard or focus area.. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.
  6. How do I add stuff into the Evidence box? Where are the styles? How do I make it look good? Time: 17:01
  7. A quick summary of how to add evidence Time 20.13 – same thing as above, super fast 😉 – You can pause it!
  8. Security 101 – How to lock things away – if you want to Time: 21.33
  9. How to add your personal statement, resume etc. Time: 24.35
  10. How to write and annotate artefacts like a BOSS Time 32.23 – Let’s turn you into STARS – An acronym to help you write evidence in an impressive way
  11. What kinds of things should you be gathering? What do AITSL and the TRB say? Time 41.00 – Lists, ideas and more!
  12. What’s next / HD. What’s the difference between Grad and Proficient? Time: 41.53

and then she answered a heap of awesome questions!

If this webinar doesn’t answer all your questions about how to rock your graduate teacher ePortfolio then don’t despair!  We have a whole knowledge base for you to explore with endless information and answers.  You can also take advantage of our online community and fire questions at our users.

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