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One of the most important things that Edufolios does for you, is to give you a space to grow and reflect.  We all know that to do that efficiently, we need some help sometimes to see the wood for the trees!  Heat Mapping is an excellent way to see what evidence you’ve got (against the teaching standards), what you’ve missed, and where you could go next; to check your progress against the teacher accreditation requirements.

We know, we know, you love the tag cloud, all those focus areas in one space… but what if we told you there was another way to view your data? The heat map tool lets you see every single post, with its tags, in a table.  It changes colour to show you where you’ve got enough and where your gaps are. It’s super easy to read and makes it really, really simple to see what you could do next!

So What do I get?

You’re getting a brand new reporting tool.  You can use it to get a visual representation of your data by career stage and focus area. On your tool bar you’re going to find a brand new option. “Analytics” is going to be the place to see a whole heap of magical and fascinating information about the evidence you’ve shared in your folio.  The Heat Map tool is just the first one we’re releasing. It’s going to let you create a report (in word) that contains a table of information, in the form of a heat map, about the evidence posts you’ve added to your Edufolio.


New Analytics menu Check your Progress- Edufolios

Oooh, wait a minute! Want something more visual to give you a quick overview? Check out this short video…

What is a Heat Map? What can I learn about my Progress?

Heat maps are used by assessors at H.A and Lead to measure how much (and how successful) your evidence is at each focus area and standard. It’ll show you a quick view of what your data says about your progress against the focus areas in each teaching standard.

Now, we can’t tell you about the quality of your evidence base but we can tell you how many times you’ve told Edufolios you’ve hit a focus areas and use this to tell you whether you’re close to the right numbers of pieces of evidence needed.  At the graduate and proficient level, that’s usually one piece of evidence at each focus area in your career stage.  At H.A. and Lead, it’s usually at least two. The final row of the map you download will show you a number and a colour.  Green means “you’ve got this! Plenty of evidence there!”, Amber means “Hmmm.. You might be a little short.,, add a bit more.” and red… well that’s a “erm… not sure you’ve got any there…eik!”

Not only will we give you these colour coordinated clues, we’ll also show you, in row of the table, which posts count toward this measurement. You can even go straight to the post by clicking a link provided in the far left column. As a learner, this is a great way to make your current progress visible. As a mentor, it will make those H.A. conversations much more focused on the standards.  Whilst you’re working towards the next stage (or just looking at how much progress you’re making) you can use this report to inform where you head next.

How does it work? Is it in line with Teacher Accreditation Guidelines?

When you get to the Heat Map page, you’ll see that you have some options.  You can select your career stage (Student members – You’ve only gor Grad) and then you can leave it at the standard success criteria or define your own.

The standard Success criteria setting makes the data report in alignment with the most common requirement. At Graduate and Proficient this will be as follows:

  • 1 post per FA = Green
  • 0 post per FA = Red

At H.A. and Lead that goes up to:

  • 2 posts per FA = Green
  • 1 post per FA = Amber
  • 0 post per FA = Red

But… we know you’ll want to change things and challenge yourself. So.. feel free to click “Custom” and change the numbers for Green (High enough count) and Amber (Nearly high enough count).

When you’re ready to see what your data tells you, click the “Download Heat Map” button and wait for your word document to download.

settings heat map for teacher accreditation - Edufolios

The beta testers group have been having fun with this for a week or so and they love it! For some, it seems to have spurred on the need to write more posts, to fill gaps.  I don’t think they liked seeing the red in that bottom row :).  Others just love how simple it all is and how much they are learning just by looking at the data laid out in this way.

Have a go at getting your heat map now.. Share with us what you find out in the comments below.

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