You’re adding evidence of your reflection and practice to your Edufolio all the time.  It’s helping you to keep a record of where you meet specific standards and at what level.  Every post you write is a reflection on practice, a piece of learning in it’s own right and it does count as professional development.  We realised very quickly that it was time to have a chat with the Teacher Registration Board to see if we couldn’t connect Edufolios to the teacher registration process.  We’re really pleased to say that, phase one – PD hours – has been completed!

A new widget will have appeared on your dashboard recently.  The Teacher Registration and Analytics widget has been sat waiting for you to enter in some details.  They’re only simple ones –  from your name and registration details to your state or territory.   Once the widget has that information, you’ll be presented with a visual interface that quickly enables you to see how many professional development hours you have completed over a 12 month period.  The aim, in most states and territories is 20 hours a year (here in SA It’s 60 over three) and the pie chart will make it really easy to see if  you’re on track.

You’ll quickly be able to see how many hours you’ve achieved in total during the length of your current  registration period and, when you’re ready, we’ve create an export tool that produces exactly what the TRB need to validate your data and help you to confirm you’re ready for registration.

“We’re making your Edufolio work a little bit harder.  There’s  a new widget on your dashboard. A place to record your professional development hours, export that information and send it straight to the TRB.

Selena Woodward | Co-founder of Edufolios

You may have seen the short, teaser video we made to introduce this idea to you over on our Facebook page?  As usual, if you need any support to use this new feature check out the video below.  It’s a bit longer and goes through the whole thing for you.  As you know by now, we’re always happy to answer all of your questions.



Enjoy this new feature.  We’re still working with The TRB to add functionality for reporting your move from graduate to proficient so that you can easily gather your evidence for moving from provisional to full registration.  Of course, we’re also getting in touch with the registration boards in other states and territories to make sure the export fills their requirements too.  For now, we can confirm that our collaboration with the TRBSA means that we have provided you with an export tool that produces exactly what they need to validate your data and help confirm you’re ready for registration.

Keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter accounts over the coming weeks.  This is the first of many new features that we’ll talking about. Maybe you’ve spotted the others already?  Ooh that sounds like a challenge doesn’t it 😉

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