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If I fail, I will be judged as a bad teacher.

You’ve just come away from your Year 7 English lesson. You don’t understand it! You spent so much time planning that lesson. You carefully used your assessment data (5) to craft activities (2) that would meet the needs of your students (1) and it should have been great. It wasn’t. Nah ah.

The only impact made in that classroom today was on you and it wasn’t in a good way.

Or will you be seen as the “chief learner”?

In this podcast I talk about how important it is to F.A.I.L and to give yourself the time to reflect on what happened. Yes.. in your portfolio!

We discuss:

  • Why it’s important to be ok with failure
  • Why it might be considered hypocritical not to be ok with making mistakes and learning from them
  • How a principal might react to reading a post in which you did things wrong, and then talked about what you learnt from it
  • Why there’s NO SUCH THING as perfect in a classroom

Go listen now and, by the end of the episode you’ll be feeling braver about taking risks in your teaching so you can grow an develop. You may also have some new ideas around the entire purpose of your portfolio!

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