That’s right.  We’re super excited that tomorrow, at the EdTechSA conference, we’ll be announcing the opening of a unique competition.  Edufolios are teaming up with their local education technology group EdTechSA to offer the chance to win a prize worth well over $200Everyone who goes to  EdTechSA’s annual conference, on July 11th and 12th at Immanuel College, Novar Gardens,  will have the opportunity to win a one-year professional subscription with Edufolios AND a one-year membership with the state’s pre-eminent South Australian Education technology professional associationEdTechSA. 

As educators, you’ll be Div{ing} Deeper with Technologies (that’s theme of the conference) and we know the perfect tool to help you dive deeper with this new learning too!  That’s right…. Edufolios! (obviously 😃) All you need to do is take your notes inside your own Edufolio. Hey! Why not make a series of Evidence Posts, one for each workshop or keynote.  Then, when it’s all over (and your head has stopped spinning with all that new knowledge), you can go through those notes and begin to reflect on what you learnt. More importantly, you can move from Grad to at least Proficient by telling us what you’re planning to do with that learning.

What do we win?

Submit your reflection to the competition via this link and you’re in with a chance of not only winning a full year’s subscription to all that we have to offer but also a year’s membership to EdTechSA!! 

The rules of the competition, the judging criteria and details of prizes can also be found here. Check out those criteria.  As educators, you’re always awesome at meeting objectives!

Don’t have an Edufolio or a ticket to the EdTechSa event?

Don’t panic!  We’ve got ya!  Grab a 30 day trial! Give it a go.. hey you might win a full pro license for free for a year! What you got to lose? Everyone can take part for free. Tickets for the conference are still available right here.

Who will you hear from at the conference?

Hear from cyber safety expert Susan McLean, a former Victorian police officer, who takes a “no-nonsense” approach to delivering her message.  She was recently in the news for her views on a “safe sexting video” targeting young people.

Tina Photakis, the president of EdTechSA, reckons her session “You can make a difference: child safety online” is going to be very well attended. It’s one not to miss!

“Susan’s a well respected voice and presence on all the media channels, and she will take questions after her address,” she said.

Other guest speakers include award-winning educator and emerging technology leader Brad Waid; educational consultant, presenter, author and Visual Art teacher​ Cathy Hunt; and former Victorian digital technologies curriculum manager Paula Christopherse​n.

Move from Overload to Super Learner

The high quality of keynotes and local speakers at this conference always means that there will be a lot take in and process at this event. It can be difficult to make time to let all that learning sink in.  By using Edufolios to digest that new learning, we know that we’re giving you that precious time to reflect upon what they’ve learnt and to plan for the future.  That’s where the real impact will come for the students you are working with. 

Of course,  choosing to take part in the competition will also have the added bonus of extra professional development hours for your record! The 6 or 12 hours spent at the conference will be expanded by the time spent reflecting. So if you take an hour to put your notes together, that’s another hour of learning for your PD record. Did we mention we handle that too?  

Take advantage of those awesome opportunity by grabbing a ticket to “Diving Deeper with Technologies” via the EdTechSA website.  Grab your 30 day trial and setup your new space for reflection and growth.  Of course, once signed up you get guided through the process and Selena will be at the conference to answer questions and provide some support.   

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