These teacher portfolios will give you an idea of how some of our Edufolios users have put together their eportfolios. We’ve split these examples up by Students (Pre-Service Teachers) and Professionals (In-Service Teachers) so you can see how Edufolios is being used.


These are Edufolios users that are Pre-Service Teachers (studying Education at University) on our Student subscription.

Georgia's Edufolio

Final semester PST at Flinders University, South Australia. Studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary), specialising in Chemistry and Biology. Passionate about rural education.

Lucy's Edufolio

Pre-service Teacher at Flinders University, South Australia with a passion for Physical Education, Nutrition & Health.

Giulia's Edufolio

Final semester pre-service teacher completing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education & Special Education/Disability Studies degree at Flinders University.


These are Edufolios users that are In-Service Teachers on our Professional subscription.

Markeeta's Edufolio

Teaching isn’t just what I do, it’s part of who I am. I’m the lady in the supermarket complimenting your kids on their use of a maths strategy or encouraging them to activate their prior knowledge. Learning is life.

Kat's Edufolio

Katherine is a dedicated, compassionate and intuitive educator at DECD. She is a Structured Teaching Routine User, ProloQuo2Go communication partner and reflectionist.

Judy's Edufolio

I am a learner, teacher and leader with a commitment to empowering the voice of the student in the learning process. I have worked extensively in the field of ICT and in Inquiry learning in Library spaces.

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