These example teacher portfolios will give you an idea of how some of our Edufolios users have put together their ePortfolios and demonstrated their skills from Grad to Lead. We’ve split these examples up by Students (Pre-Service Teachers) and Professionals (In-Service Teachers) so you can see how Edufolios is being used at the different career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

  Student Teacher Examples

These are Edufolios users that are Pre-Service Teachers (studying Education at University) on our Student subscription.

Georgia's Edufolio

Final semester PST at Flinders University, South Australia. Studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary), specialising in Chemistry and Biology. Passionate about rural education.

Lucy's Edufolio

Pre-service Teacher at Flinders University, South Australia with a passion for Physical Education, Nutrition & Health.

Giulia's Edufolio

Final semester pre-service teacher completing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education & Special Education/Disability Studies degree at Flinders University.

  In-Service Teacher Examples

These are Edufolios users that are In-Service Teachers on our Professional subscription.

Markeeta's Edufolio

Teaching isn’t just what I do, it’s part of who I am. I’m the lady in the supermarket complimenting your kids on their use of a maths strategy or encouraging them to activate their prior knowledge. Learning is life.

Kat's Edufolio

Katherine is a dedicated, compassionate and intuitive educator at DECD. She is a Structured Teaching Routine User, ProloQuo2Go communication partner and reflectionist.

Judy's Edufolio

I am a learner, teacher and leader with a commitment to empowering the voice of the student in the learning process. I have worked extensively in the field of ICT and in Inquiry learning in Library spaces.

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