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Are you looking for some example teacher portfolios?

I know! It can be really hard to get your teacher portfolio started.  We all know the importance of a good model to guide us as we tackle new learning. Particularly learning about the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.  So we’ve created a list of amazing example teacher portfolios just for you!

Edufolios is ALL about making your life easier when it comes to teacher portfolios. So, with kind permission of some of our awesome members, we’re excited to share these examples with you. Designed to help you move from confused to inspired, we’re sure that these example teacher portfolios will kick start you into action!  

All of these amazing educators, from graduate to lead,  have been using Edufolios to transform their understanding of their practice and meet the needs of various career stages from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. 

Each one has moved away from the stress of the site building and hoop-jumping paperwork towards learning how to use the teaching standards to see the real impact they are making every single day.  No longer unclear about their abilities, or how to write about their practice against the standards they have been able to confidently create evidence to pass their portfolio whilst also increasing the impact they’re having on their students, their colleagues and (in some cases) their whole site.

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Kerry started her journey with Edufolios as a student at Flinders University back in 2018.   She built her graduate portfolio using Edufolios and passed with flying colours in 2019. 🥂

After graduation, Kerry Continued to use her Edufolio to reflect on her work as a primary school teacher.  Using the standards guide and evidence tools to help her.  She passed proficiency in just over a year. 🙌

Having recently completed the Evidence Engine with us, she is now well on her way to Highly Accomplished and we can’t wait to celebrate this amazing milestone with her in the very near future 🥳

🎙 Kerry's Tips for putting together your Graduate Portfolio

Kerry Gray - Podcast - Graduate PortfolioKerry shared her journey through the graduate standards with us on The Reflective Teacher Podcast.  She answers questions like:

  • What do you think this portfolio thing is actually FOR?
  • How long did it take you?
  • When should  I start?
  • Did you just include prac reports and class practice or did you add assignments too?

She also talks about the “so-what factor”.  Something, that if you focus on too, will really help you get impressive marks!

Kat was the second ever customer to join Edufolios back in 2017.  She was tired of trying to build a google site and wasn’t getting anywhere fast with her evidence gathering for proficiency. When she found us in 2017, she was so relieved when we built her site for her and she could get straight onto reflecting. She got busy using Edufolios to turn stories of her practice into evidence posts; connecting what she was doing every day to the teaching standards.

At the end of 2017, she submitted her proficiency and passed 🎖

As she was working, she realised that Edufolios was showing her her impact on her colleagues.  She was HA! By 2018 she was building her HA portfolio and by October 2019 she was certified as a Highly Accomplished teacher! 🎉

She’s now working towards Lead and the next chapter of her career.

🎙 Kat unpacks her journey from Proficient to Highly Accomplished

In this podcast, Kat shares her journey to nationally certified Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) Status.  We talk about:

  • What kind of evidence did you put in your HAT portfolio?
  • What made for a good artefact?
  • How did you know you were ready for HAT?
  • How did you pull your evidence together? 

and much more.

Georgia joined us as a student member in 2017 where she began learning how to reflect on her evidence using the tools inside of Edufolios. 

She passed her Graduate standard with flying colours 🎂 and went on to work as a Teacher of SACE Chemistry and Mathematics, along with Middle School Science and Mathematics. She recently completed proficiency (or full registration) and has plenty to celebrate! 🥳

📽 Georgia on Edufolios and her Graduate Portfolio



 As Pedagogy Coach and Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, she wanted to go through the Lead teacher process in order to demonstrate that she could practice what she preaches.

What does she preach?

Measuring and increasing impact in your classrooms.

Her Lead portfolio passed accreditation with flying colours. 🥂 When you wander through it, you’ll see why.  She is passionate, dedicated and BOY is her impact infecticious! 

🎙Angela unpacks her journey to Lead Teacher

In this podcast, Angela, very honestly, shares her journey to Lead Teacher with us.  

Tune in to hear about how she decided to go for Lead over HA. What she wrote about in her evidence sets and what she would do differently if she had to do it all again!

Other In-Service Teacher Examples

These are Edufolios users that are In-Service Teachers on our Professional subscription.

Selena's Portfolio

Selena is a university lecturer reflecting on her teaching practice as she train the next generation.
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Judy's Edufolio

I am a learner, teacher and leader with a commitment to empowering the voice of the student in the learning process. I have worked extensively in the field of ICT and in Inquiry learning in Library spaces.
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Edufolios’ teachers love learning.  They want accreditation and registration to be about their students and how they can help them to grow.

Our ready to go online portfolio has all the tools and support you’ll need to create an amazing teacher portfolio for graduation or accreditation at any career stage.

Edufolios is the perfect place to quadruple your professional development hours.  Grab one and start reflecting about all this powerful learning you’re doing with us at the Evidence Engine!

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