Adding Files and Certificates Edufolios

  1. Click the Add media button found just above the post or page editor.
  2. If the certificate or file (PowerPoint, PDF, Word Document etc.) you wish to add is already in your media library, then select the “Media Library” tab and skip to point 5.
  3. If you need to upload a file to your site, select the “Upload Files” Tab.
  4. Either drag and drop your file into the upload area or click the “Select Files” button and navigate to your file.  Select your file and choose “open”.  The file will now be added to your media library.
  5. Select the file from the media library by left clicking on it. A blue tick will appear in the top right hand corner
  6. Click “Insert into post” in the bottom right hand corner
  7. The file will now be added to your post or page with a hyperlink that will open the document.

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