Whilst editing your evidence within an Evidence Post:

  1. On the right hand side of your evidence post editor you will find a sidebar which contains a box marked “Standards”. This contains a list of the seven standards from the National Professional Standards for Teachers.  To attribute one (or many) of these standards, simply tick the box next to as many standards as you feel the evidence covers.
  2. Now chose the career stages and focus areas you feel you are evidencing.  You will find a box marked, “Focus Area” in the same side bar as your “Standards”.  All 148 focus areas have already been populated for you.  Simply start typing the first few letters of your career stage to narrow the search down. We have used the following codes to represent the career stages.
    Grad Graduate
    Prof Proficient
    H.A. Highly Accomplished
    Lead Lead
  3. Now begin typing the standard and focus area number.  For example, “Grad 1.1”. Select the Focus Area from the list that appears.
  4. When you’re ready, click “Add” to associate this evidence with your chosen career stages and focus areas.  If you would like to remove a Focus area, simply click the red cross next to it in the list.

Note: It is possible for one piece of evidence to operate in more than one standard, more than one focus area and more than one career stage.

I don’t know the standards that well!
Don’t worry! In this same side bar, you’ll find the standards guide.  Use it to view each domain and  a brief description of each focus area.

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