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Your Edufolio comes with its own style sheet. That way we can help you to keep a consistent look and feel to your professional online portfolio.  In your post or page editor, you will find a larger box with a WYSYWIG editor (shown above). Many of the features in the menu will be familiar to you. You will find Bold, Italic, dot points and numbered lists and options for justifying your text (left, centre and right).

The menus which contain these familiar options also contain options to change the styles applied to your text.

Subtitles and Accented Sentences

  1. To change the weight and font size of your sentence and make it stand out:
  2. left click and highlight the section of the text you want to apply the changes to.
  3. Whilst the sentence is still highlighted move your mouse to the drop down menu found at the top left of the box. You will find that you have six different title styles to choose from along with a standard paragraph setting and a preformatted text option.
  4. Select from the list (whilst your sentence is still highlighted).  The style will be applied to your highlighted words.

Text Colour

The style editor has a second, often hidden, layer of option.  To access setting for font colour you need to click on the “Kitchen Sink” icon – See Below.

kitchen sink - Edufolios

Once you have turned on the second row of options you will find the font colour selector.

  1. Left click and highlight the text you’d like to change
  2. click the drop down arrow next to the A icon on the menu
  3. Select your colour choice
  4. The selected text will change colour.
font colour - Edufolios

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