Ever wanted to co-write a post with another Edufolios subscriber? Well let us tell you about the Users’s feature.  The User’s feature within your Edufolios dashboard will let you invite other Edufolios subscribers to access your site’s dashboard. To invite another Edufolios subscriber to your dashboard you’ll need to know two things:

  • The subscriber’s email address – they’ll be sent the invite to this address, asking them to confirm.
  • The role you want the subscriber to have – this determines what permissions you’re giving to them.

Let’s go through roles in a little more detail. Each role has a set of capabilities (think, write, or edit a post) and when you assign that role to the subscriber you’re inviting, you are giving that subscriber those capabilities on your Edufolio. So let’s go through the roles and what they mean (in descending order of authority):

  • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within your Edufolio.
  • EditorSelect this one if you want to work with a study-buddy or mentor and share your posts before you publish them.  These guys can read, edit and add to all of your evidence content (public and private)
  • Author – An Author will be able to see your public posts in the back end – via the Evidence, All Evidence menu.  They can read them, edit them and they can delete them.   They also can not see your private or unpublished content.  This is a great option if you’re sharing with a mentor or assessor.
  • Contributor – A contributor will be able to see your public posts in the back end – via the Evidence, All Evidence menu.  They can read them and they can delete them.  However, they can not edit them.  They also can not see your private or unpublished content.
  • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile. This means you can have a handy link to their Edufolio by hovering over the “E” icon at the top of your dashboard and choosing “Connected Edufolios”.

So, if you’d like to co-write a post with another subscriber, think about adding them to your Edufolio as a Contributor. That way they can write a post, you can review and edit it – but it will never get published until you are ready. If you’d like the other subscriber to be able to publish the new post then make them an author.  Finally, if you’re feeling super curious, there’s a full write up of the Capabilities Vs. Roles on the WordPress site here that break down the details even further for you.

You can find this feature on the main menu of your Edufolios Dashboard, as “Users”.

We don’t really recommend you give anyone Administrator rights / permission to your Edufolio unless you require their help with something that demands that level of access. We are always happy to help if you get stuck, so maybe skip using the Administrator role unless it’s absolutely necessary and one of the Edufolios team has advised you to do so!

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