Your Edufolios comes with the capacity to have your twitter feed spinning on the side bar of your site. Of course, Twitter has a great deal of security around it to protect your identity and so, there is a little bit of set up to achieve before this will happen.  Here’s a guide.

First Step: Tell Twitter to trust your Edufolio:

You do this by creating a little “app” that will allow Edufolios permission to show your tweets.  Here’s what to do:

You need to take the following steps to make sure that Rotating Tweets can access the information it needs from Twitter:

  1. Go to the My applications page on the Twitter website to set up your website as a new Twitter ‘application’. You may need to log-in using your Twitter user name and password.
  2. If you don’t already have a suitable ‘application’ that you can use for your website, set one up on the Create an Application page.It’s normally best to use the name, description and the URL of your Edufolio. You don’t need a Callback URL.
  3. After clicking “Create your Twitter application”, on the following page, click on “Create my access token”.
  4. Leave this website open.

Second Step: Enter the keys to your Twitter account into “Rotating Tweets”

  1. In the dashboard of your Edufolio, head to “Settings > Rotating Tweets”.  You will find a copy of the instructions you’ve just followed on that page.  You will also see some empty boxes that need to be completed (just like the picture below).
  2. From the Twitter application website you left open, copy the “Consumer key”, “Consumer secret”, “Access token” and “Access token secret” from your Twitter application page into the settings below.
  3. Click on “Save Changes”.
twitterapi- Edufolios

Third Step: Add your Twitter account details into the Social Media settings

  1. Head to your dashboard and click “customise your edufolio”
  2. Choose “Social Media and Bio” from the menus on the left
  3. enter your Twitter handle (without the @) in the “Twitter Username” field
  4. Hit the “Publish”button in the top left hand corner
  5. Head to your Edufolio.  Your tweets should appear

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