One of the first things it’s worth doing when you get to your dashboard, is setting up all your teacher registration details so that you can begin recording your professional development.  You’ll find the widget at the top of your dashboard with the title “Teacher Registration Details”.

  1. Simply complete all of the empty fields. You will find your Teacher Registration Number on your registration documentation or through searching for your name on the relevant registration boards online records.
  2. By selecting the state you are currently registered in, you will be given specific information pertaining to your state’s registration requirements.
  3. Hit “Save” when you are done.
  4. Your widget will change into it’s view format with links to “Update Details” if you need to change anything (e.g. when you re-register) and “View Analytics” where you can see a visual analysis of your PD hours.
Edufolios does not replace your teacher portal!
Edufolios doesn’t contain application forms for registration, or the ability to run police checks and other essential registration requirements.  Therefore, you must still apply through your teacher registration board’s (TRB’s) official channels. You can export & report all of the PD records you keep within Edufolios.  For now, we can confirm that our collaboration with the TRBSA means that we have provided you with an export tool that produces exactly what they need to validate your data and help confirm you’re ready for registration. We’re also in touch with the registration boards in other states and territories to enable those of you who are not in South Australia to do the same. We’ll keep you updated.

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