You’re ready to upgrade from student 🎓 to professional ! Congratulations! It’s super easy, we promise.

  • On your dashboard you will find two buttons – just like the ones in the image above.
  • Select “Switch Subscription”
  • You’ll be taken to the sign up page again and asked to select which one you’d like to switch to. Choose Professional either on a monthly or annual plan (there’s a toggle at the top of the boxes).
  • We’ll update your payment record and add some more exciting bits and bobs to your Edufolio. You can just carry on reflecting as you have always done 🙂 All of your evidence will still be available, you’re just going to keep on adding to it at this new proficient level (and beyond).

When you upgrade from student to professional you’ll get:

  • Double the storage space
  • The Professional Development Widget and
  • All the focus areas (prof – lead) automatically added in your editor

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