Edufolios, is the only online portfolio designed specifically for Australian Teachers. In fact, we’re the only site creation tool that sets you up with all the Australian Professional Teacher Standards (domains and focus areas) with one click.  We’re also the only online teacher portfolio that’s worked with the Teacher Registration Board of South Australia so that you can keep all your professional development records in one place and share your evidence for PD hours with the TRBSA directly from your Edufolio.

We’ve designed a digital eportfolio builder specifically to meet the needs of Australian teachers.  We all have to gather evidence of professional development as well as demonstrate that we’re operating at one of the career stages in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.  Edufolios is designed to help you evidence both at once, halving your admin and getting your focus back on to your students.

Set up with all the focus areas in the 7 standards (plus an easy to use professional development record and standards guide) Edufolios takes away the need to keep paper in folders or spend time setting up a site.  Instead, with one click, we do all the setup for you.  Just add your evidence and click a pre-made list of standards, focus area and career stages and you’ll ready for he auditor and assessor at the same time.  Edufolios is full of teachers who are learners demonstrating their skills.  Of course, our subscribers form a community of shared practice and like to share their ideas and posts with each other.  It’s a great place to reflect, grow and inspire your skill set.

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