Ready to Showcase your Skills?

Ready to Showcase your Skills?

Standards Ready

We’ve set up seven categories for the seven domains and 148 Tags which represent every focus area of AITSL’s Standards for Teachers, at every career stage. All you have to do is choose from the list. We’ve even created an easy access standards guide to help you do that.

Visualise and Analyse

Use the tag cloud to see patterns in your evidence gathering.  Talk alot about Assessment (standard 5) but not about how children learn (standard 1). The tags get bigger the more evidence you add. You’ll be able to see really quickly where your passions lie and what you need to evidence next.

Renewing Registration?

We’ve got your covered. Our PD hours widget will help you keep track of the hours of professional development you’ve done.  Your dashboard will show you a pie chart which makes it easy to see how close to achieving your goal you are. You can even export your PD record as a word document or CSV file and send it straight to participating registration boards.

Connect with your Network

Edufolios contains areas for your digital tattoo to rest.  Add your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linked In details to our Customise widget and you’re away.  It’s also really easy to display your latest tweets on your homepage – You’ve so got 7.4 covered!

Make it Your Own…

Customize, personalize & protect your Edufolio as you need.

Protect Your Privacy

We encourage everyone to share but we understand that there are times when you want to choose who sees what.  You can choose to make your whole site private or just some of it. Leave open your teaching philosophy and CV (so those new job opportunities can find you) and choose to hide your evidence of practice if you like.

Embed Multimedia and Documents

We can give you 250Mb to store some of your files but you can go crazy using links and embeds from third parties (including One Drive) Add evidence in as many forms as you can.  Embed Videos, Audio Files and Documents (like those professional development certificates you’ve had emailed to you). Present all of your multimodal evidence in one place and next to the reflections you’re writing about them.


One click to create the site, but you’re going to want to make it your own.  Add an image to represent you and your social media networks so others can find you.  Personalise the content in the menus, the front page and in the bar on the right hand side.  This is your site.  Do as little or as much as you’d like with it’s image.

Mobile Ready

With WordPress being built with Mobile firmly in mind,  you’ll be able to add content into your Edufolio on your phone, phablet, tablet or tabtop (wait that last one’s not actually a thing is it?!). It makes using the platform on mobile devices super easy and a complete pleasure!

Get started with your Edufolio now!

You’ll be up and running in minutes and can join loads of other educators creating awesome e-portfolios!

What’s Under the Hood?

Leverage these great tools to make the most of your Edufolio

Office 365 Integration

If you already have an Office 365 account, you can use it to login to Edufolios so that you don’t have to remember yet another username & password! What’s more, if your school uses Office 365 to manage users / apps, you’re organisation will be able to provision access to Edufolios more easily through your existing security groups and processes. That means less headaches for IT! (Let’s bust out the celebratory pizza!)

Cloud Storage? (Coming Soon!)

Already got a cloud storage solution – One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive? We’ll provide you with tools so that you can use your existing data (from within those solutions) inside your Edufolio. Pretty neat huh?! We thought you’d like that one 😉


Already got a blog and want to bring all of your content with you? Don’t worry, we’ve got tools to help with that.  You can import your posts and media from Blogger, WordPress, Edublogs and Tumblr and they’ll be ready and waiting for you in your Edufolio.


Edufolios is developed on top of the popular WordPress Content Management System.  It’s one of the most powerful and easy to use platforms out there – that’s why around 20% of websites use it. Even Disney, The Herald Sun and Katy Perry have adopted it to power their sites! It’s so easy that you’ll need no prior knowledge of web development to use it.  None at all!

Help and Support.

We know that every second counts for you guys, so we’ve put together a collection of support videos to help you get the best out of your Edufolio!

What’s more, any questions we receive from our community of users we try and build those into this video collection too, so we can all learn from one another ?

Finding something a bit confusing? Get in touch with us (we talk to a lot of our community over Twitter and through our Facebook page) we’d love to help you! Perhaps you’ve got an awesome question that we can share in our video collection too?

But, where do I go for help? If you’re ever stuck, and don’t know where to go for help, just drop us an email to If you’re connected with us on Twitter or Facebook, we’re happy to support you there too ?

Still Scrolling?!

Come and grab your Edufolio! Start reflecting and grow your practice 🙂

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