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What's the secret to the teaching standards?

Most educators come to the evidence gathering process by trying to create their evidence from the standards. They don’t have a standards or evidence guide and as a result, end up wasting valuable time creating too much evidence or, worse, creating the wrong evidence for the wrong standard.

In this standards guide eBook, you’ll find a different way of thinking about the standards.  A mind shift, that has helped thousands of Edufolios members get their evidence done quickly and effectively.  Firstly, this guide will move you from overwhelmed to crystal clear.  As a result, you can get the result you want quickly, making sure you’re focused on all the right things. In other words, saving you time and helping you get your evidence right first time.

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#081: Academic Year 2020 is Over!

Too Tired to Celebrate? Oh my goodness. Me too. As the academic year draws to a close I am left feeling the most tired I think I have ever been! We have so much to celebrate here at Edufolios.  With record numbers of downloads on the podcast and a recent win in the Boosting Female Founders grant, we should be

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#080: Report Writing – How to make it count with Rachel Mac

Reports are in. We’re done with those for the year right? If you’ve just finished your report writing for the year then congratulations!  Wow! That was a mammoth task that was. I bet you spent hours putting those together.  PJs on, chocolate to hand typing away with the Australian Curriculum Descriptors as your ever faithful guide.  How easy did you

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#079 – AFL as a tool for awesome learning and teaching

Assessment happens at the end of a unit right? Summative assessment practice may have us thinking that we can’t really measure our students progress until they sit that test, write that final piece for the exam or finish their coursework.  Alternatively, formative assessment might be a great way to check in now and then, but is it really a useful

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Helping teachers create evidence of practice

Edufolios’ teachers love learning.  They want accreditation and registration to be about their students and how they can help them to grow.

Our ready to go online portfolio has all the tools and support you’ll need to create an amazing teacher portfolio for graduation or accreditation at any career stage.

Edufolios is the perfect place to quadruple your professional development hours.  Grab one and start reflecting about all this powerful learning you’re doing with us at the Evidence Engine!

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