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Get 10 or more teachers together at your site and we’ll run 2 hours of PD for you for free. Learn how to use technology to leverage reflective practice with Edufolios.

What will we cover in this PD session?

Ah Technology… we love it when it makes life easier! Time to grab that full registration? Considering HAT or Lead but it just sounds like SOOO much work? Honestly, it doesn’t have to be that hard!  Let me show you how you can meet the requirements of any career stage ( even undergrad!) with just one or two simple blog posts.   Edufolios is the only purpose built system for Aussie educators that not only gives you a space to reflect but provides guides to the process and the opportunity to find support and mentorship as you go. You don’t have to have an Edufolio to attend but, as we’re going to go through how to use one, you might want to consider grabbing your 30 day trail!

This 2 hour session is designed as an introduction to using Edufolios. Selena will take you through the basics like:

  • Personalising your site
  • Writing content
  • Adding images, videos, certificates (and any other kind of evidence you can think of)
  • Formatting your text
  • Adding in (or removing) social media settings
  • Creating pages for your personal statement, about me and philosophy
  • How to use the security settings to lock down content

She will show examples of Edufolios created by members who have given us permission to share and answer all of your questions. Selena’s been using blogs for years to capture her evidence of practice and she has some great practical tips to help you become really efficient at finding opportunities to reflect, and how to do so with teacher registration and career progression in mind 🙂

Who or What is Edufolios?

Edufolios, is the only online portfolio designed specifically for Australian Teachers. In fact, we’re the only site creation tool that sets you up with all the Australian Professional Teacher Standards (domains and focus areas) with one click.  We’re also the only online teacher portfolio that’s worked with the Teacher Registration Board of South Australia so that you can keep all your professional development records in one place and share your evidence for PD hours with the TRBSA directly from your Edufolio.

We’re a feature rich, online, e-portfolio system designed to help you show case, evaluate and evidence your skill set and we want to help you to get the best out of your site.

Do I have to have an Edufolio in order to attend?

No.  Of course not! However, we will be using the Edufolio system throughout the session.  You’re welcome to come along and see what Edufolios is all about. Use it as an opportunity to case it out and decide whether you’d like to sign up.  If you’re curious of course, you can choose to grab a Trial Account –  it’s free to try Edufolios for 30 days.  If you love it as much as we think you will, you can then move onto a paid subscription at the end of the 30 days.

Still scrolling?!

It’s free! Grab ten colleagues, book in and enjoy 🙂

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