Welcome to my Professional Portfolio!

Hello and welcome to my Edufolio!  This site represents a body of evidence I am curating and reflecting upon in order to develop my skills as an educator. This has been achieved through my topics studied through Flinders University, my previous experience working with children and the learning I will partake in my first year as a graduate teacher.

​This professional portfolio aims to introduce myself and my teaching philosophy as well as my professional learning by making connections and reflections in relation to the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. I have used this site as a blog to reflect on my time at uni placements and work places.

You can click the standards above or the focus areas in the tag cloud to the left to read how I have met these.

If you wish to communicate with me directly about any of my reflections on this site, or have any concerns about the content or attribution of material posted on this website, please feel free to contact me via email: g.sciancalepore@hotmail.com and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

You can also check out my twitter @giuliascian to chat or ask  any questions

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