We’ve set up a system that lets you add images, videos, audio, documents (pretty much anything!) into a reflection post and then write about what they show about your practice. Then, whilst your writing, you’ll find some handy tick boxes to the right which let you choose which standard you might be talking about.

Oooh, wait a minute! Want something more visual to give you a quick overview? Check out this short video…

…or you can keep reading to get a bit more detail.

HINT: it is nearly impossible to write about just one standard.  Think about it for a minute…  You’re talking about a lesson plan you’ve written.. You’ve even uploaded it into your library and linked to it in  your post. You’re very happy that that’s some evidence for Standard 3 (Plan Teaching and Learning). Now… whilst you’re reflecting upon that lesson plan what might you talk about? Well… when you wrote it… you probably had to think about the children in your classroom (that’s standard 1) and how they learn,- you’ll have designed learning activities (ohhh did they meet the curriculum? – That’s standard 2). In your plan, did you talk about how your classroom activities were going to pan out or how you would support students to take part in different ways? Great! That’s standard 4 covered then. Now, are there formative or summative assessment processes involved? (That’s standard 5)… ah you get the idea ?  

Is that it?

Well, that the bit about adding evidence and standards but Edufolios does a whole lot more…

  • Keeping a record of my PD and exporting that data – We have an inbuilt tool for keeping a record of your PD hours (In SA you can even use this instead of putting them into the portal).  You can export that record at any time.   That export not only looks fabulous but contains automated links back to evidence posts containing your certificates, reflections and more.. Go on… audit me.. I’m cool with that.

  • Finding my tribe (a mentor, my uni buddy, my new muse) using the collaborate tools. The collaborate tool gives you the chance to connect with the Edufolios tribe, to read each other’s reflections and guide each other to glory! It’s a great way to learn, to reflect and to mentor and support others (does that sound a little Highly accomplished to you? – Good ? )

  • Locking down certain pieces of content (or all of it).  If you’re feeling shy, you’re writing about something a little sensitive or you’re just not ready to show the world what we all know (that you’re an awesome teacher) yet then you’ll love our custom security settings.

  • Personalising yours site’s style (so it represents the real you).  This is your brand.  You want this site to work hard to help you to stand out from the other 68,498,768,204 applicants for that job you desperately want. Work it baby!

…and even more!

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