Kerry Gray
Masters of Teaching (Primary R-7) Internship Program. Qualified in Wellbeing, Yoga & Mindfulness. When we collaborate as a community we can enhance student self-efficacy and powerful learning to create successful, active and informed young people.

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Welcome to Kerry Gray’s Professional Portfolio

I am a recent graduate from Flinders University who completed an Internship in 2019 at Flagstaff Hill Primary School with a year 6/7 class.

This included a full year in the school:

Term 1 

  • All of week 0 & 1
  • 2 days per week thereafter

Term 2

  • 10-week extended placement

Terms 3 & 4 

  • Project (Maths consolidation and extension for groups of year 6/7 students).

I am an ICT, high impact, cooperative learning and evidence-based teaching enthusiast and I am passionate about teaching HASS and wellbeing. These underpin my pedagogical practice and assist me in developing a students’ social and emotional skills and learning disposition. This creates a community of powerful learners that are engaged in learning which heightens and extends learning growth, maximising increased academic achievement in mathematics, literacy, science and HASS.

Links to pages that might interest you:

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Creating a Community of Learners

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This website uses the Edufolio platform to present my evidence against the AITSL professional standards for teachers.  It will showcase my teaching philosophy and evidence of reflections on teaching and learning as I move forward into the teaching profession.

How it works:

Choose a domain of the ATSIL standards from the top of the page. This will show you a list of posts that show evidence towards satisfying each of the 7 AITSL standards. These will include my teaching beliefs, reflections, impact on student learning and student work samples.

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