ICT Assignment 1: Social and Ethical Protocols using ICT

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This post is designed to satisfy the requirements for Assignment 1: Engaging with Social and Ethical Protocols when using ICT as part of the topic EDUC9404: Numeracy and ICT Across the Curriculum, 2019 at Flinders University. This post demonstrates the following focus areas: (1.2), (1.5) – differentiation, (1.6) – use of video and audio, (2.2), (2.5), (2.6), (3.5), (3.7), (4.5), (7.1), (7.3) – assessment rubric (5.1).

The key requirements of this task were:

  • Design a learning activity and rubric for a topic for a class of students who will be using ICT to investigate, create and communicate.
  • Successfully communicate to parents about the activity, assessment criteria and the tools that they can use to support their children in their new learning.
  • Include in the conversation at least one aspect of the sub element of the applying social and ethical protocols when using the ICT element of the ICT General Capability.
  • Share your work online and demonstrate your ability to meet graduate standard 4.5 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Mrs Gray’s Year 6 HASS Topic Parents/Carers Page

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Summative Assessment 1:

Assignment 1 Task Sheet

Resources: (as mentioned in video)

What is Digital Citizenship?   Video

Understanding Copyright:     Video: Nothing beats the real thing!

Education – Copyright Basics. pdf

Understanding Creative Commons:

Video: What is creative commons?

Video tutorial: Attribution using creative commons

Guide to Image Attribution

Creative Commons search engine

Getting a Creative Commons license

Safety and Security: How we protect ourselves

Online safety: Protect what is important to you

Finding Information:  Information Literacy Standards

Saving files correctly: Saving files in word

Contact Details:

School contact number: 08 5550 0120

Mail to: gray.k098@school.sa.edu.au (fictitious)

Feel free to contact me with any questions, queries or concerns, alternatively post a video, leave a comment or question at flip grid. password: Hassisfun01!

Image attribution

The header image for this post is “Share a cup of clean water” by Gospel for Asia is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Adaptions to image: The image was trimmed and a banner was added


The phone number is fictitious and was developed based on the information from: Australian Communications and Media Authority

Flipgrid is publicly available, with a password. For an actual classroom I would use the school email or student ID option.

I shared the task sheet on my Google drive via flip grip. In an actual classroom I imagine I could use Google classroom or something similar – I wouldn’t use my personal Google drive.

One response to “ICT Assignment 1: Social and Ethical Protocols using ICT”

  1. Very well done Kerry. You have used you curriculum and assessment knowledge of the ICT General capability well here to design your activity (2.3). You are using ICT as a strategy to help engage parents and carers (7.3) and have demonstrated beautifully your ability to understand and manage issues around the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT (4.5)
    You have demonstrated an understanding of using Rubrics as an assessment strategy and have crafted yours with great skill and care (5.1). You have selected resources (both for your task with students and with parents) to engage students in their learning (3.4) and have demonstrated a strategy to involve parents and carers in the educative process (a part of 3.7)

    I love how brave you have been here with technology. Especially the video. Good on you!

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