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Engaging Now! 7.4

@ReneeTreml Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to let you know that my husband, myself and my baby sit down together every night to read 'Look, Baby.' It's such a lovely book for the end of the day.

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Demonstrating 4.5

Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Positive Behaviour Intervention Support (PBIS) and ABLES Data Wall


Something I’m more open to and willing to accept in the past few years is the importance of data and how it can be used to clearly show progress (or regression). In my case, it has also helped me to highlight areas of strength and growth, using aitsl’s Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This understanding […]

Emergent Literacy


In this post, Emergent Literacy-Thinking about Writing Instruction, I was considering whether I was using best practice after observing the behaviour of one of my students, undertaking some online professional development on emergent writing and completing some assessment. Interestingly, the training I completed suggested that students did NOT have to know each letter of the […]

E1-Artefact 5-ABLES English Reading & Writing


This screenshot of a completed Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) assessment shows an increase in literacy outcomes of the students in my class, who are represented on the Y-axis of the graph. (Each student has shown an improvement besides for the last who has a degenerative condition). ABLES is an external student assessment […]

E1 – Artefact 3 – Communication Matrix


A3: This artefact shows how I apply a comprehensive range of assessment strategies to diagnose learning needs (5.1). This assessment tool was introduced to staff as a method of collecting formal data on student’s language development. Importantly, it includes AAC as a method of communication. It added to my existing method of observations, anecdotal notes and conversations with colleagues. These screenshots show the […]

ABLES Assessment


This year, my site, based in South Australia, has become much more focused on using ABLES as an assessment tool. ABLES, which stands for Abilities Based Learning and Education Support, is Victorian-based and ties in directly with the Victorian Curriculum, particularly the pre-foundation levels A through to D. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority states […]

Formative Assessment in a Special Education Setting: What does that look like?


I’ve been involved in the STEM 500 project since 2018, updating my knowledge and practice in the area of STEM each year. One of our requirements in 2019 is to ask a peer to observe us using formative assessment, with the intention of being able to learn from each other and apply constructive feedback given. […]

Work Trip: Eastern Ranges School-Structured Teaching (Day 1)


During the Term 2 holidays, I spent two days with my onsite colleagues at Eastern Ranges School in Melbourne.ย  Eastern Ranges is an Autism-specific school, with a student cohort of 160 and a staff of 100.ย  Staff consisted of teachers, classroom support, a large leadership team and a Positive Behaviour Support Team.ย  What myself and […]

Assessment 2018: Mid-Term Reports


I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past few weeks, reflecting on student progress, updating goals and having conversations with colleagues about assessment. At my site, we don’t have a school-wide template for writing reports, so they vary in layout and length. This is mostly due to the huge variation in student needs, […]

NEP Meeting: switching roles and adapting to unexpected changes


Last Thursday I held a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) meeting to discuss the progress and future goals for one of my students, P. These plans are required for students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability, Sensory Disability-hearing or vision and speech/language disability. ย As I work at a Special School, […]

Prompt Levels, Wait Times and Assessment


This post was partly inspired by a new relief teacher who shadowed me for the day a few weeks ago and partly by a conversation I had with some colleagues, including Giulia, who is working alongside me for part of this year as a 4th year Pre-Service Teacher. Both observed me working with the students […]

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