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E7-Artefact 32-Initial thoughts about working with Health Support Officers

July 15, 2019 | Focus Areas: | | 0 COMMENTS

At the beginning of 2018, having not worked with Health Support Officers before, I was a little ignorant of the processes involved in giving a nasogastric feed. The above screenshots, taken from my portfolio, show my initial thoughts and how I am work[ing] with colleagues to access specialist knowledge, and relevant policy and legislation, to develop teaching programs that support the participation and learning of students with disability (1.6). In it, I detail how the PH level of the student’s stomach needs to be tested each time and the reasons behind this, and my beginning understanding of the need to adapt my routine, based on the timing of feeds. It also shows how I organised training and development, based on the concerns of some of the staff, initiating and taking responsibility for current system ( . . . ) and legislative requirements to ensure student wellbeing and safety (4.4). I did this to better understand my role in working with Health Support Officers and what I would be required to do in an emergency.

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