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Performance and Development 2017

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Performance and Development 2017

Term 3

At the end of last term, every teacher on site was given a Performance and Development package, some of which was to be completed before undergoing our observation. This post will be a response to each stage in the Performance and Development process.

Pre-Observation Chat

My line manager and I discussed my answers to the questions below, which I’d reflected on prior to our discussion:

What have you achieved this year?

Me: Every student in my class is calm and settled, including the two brand new students to school and the student who transferred from another class due to challenging behaviour.

G: Yes, this is definitely true

Me: I’m building up T’s muscle tone in his legs and strengthening his core through daily exercise.

G: Yes, this is going well.

What are your strengths? How do you know?

Me: I am able to manage challenging behaviour. This can be seen in the progress all of my students made last year as well as this one, but especially J.

G: Yes, great.

Me: ….I am a natural leader. I created the Yard Duty roster for all staff in my team, lead team meetings and am often asked for advice from colleagues….even more experienced, Step 9 teachers.

G: Yes.

What are your weaknesses? How can you overcome them?

Me: I’m only fitting in Literacy once a week. I am able to extend my higher ability students with the use of I.T, but I’m finding it hard to find activities to engage my lower-level students independently.

G: What?! *Clicks tongue playfully* That’s not good! Have you got a copy of your timetable? Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve actually tried to do too many Maths areas during the week. (Time-telling on Monday, Shape and Colour on Wednesday, Number on Thursday and Money on Friday). I choose ONE area to focus on during the term. You’re planning for too much.

Me: I don’t feel I’m meeting sensory needs. I’m currently working with another teacher who is skilled in this area.

She also suggested incorporating a ‘sign-in’ task at the beginning of each day so that students are able to practice writing their names and to change all subject areas on each student’s timetable to ‘table work.’  That way, I could combine Literacy and Numeracy. We also talked about my heat-mapping (as suggested by Selena) which I’d done on the Professional Learning Matrix.

G: *Sighs* “Alright, so tell me about the colours.”

Me: “Green is what I feel I’m doing really well, yellow is okay and red is cause for concern.”

G: “So 1.4 is really hard to achieve here.  I think we have 3 or 4 students of Aboriginal descent across the entire site.  The way around that is to incorporate it into your curriculum.”


  • Use physical objects on T’s schedule (based on visual comprehension assessment).
  • Continue to model ProloQuo2g0 throughout the day.
  • Continue to monitor and update learning goals to best meet the needs of the diverse learners in my class.

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