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Engaging Now! 7.4

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Performance and Development 2017

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Post-observation Chat

Me: “I was so frustrated that you came in to observe me I didn’t have more students working and engaged at once!”

G: “Yes, but they had finished and you also had therapists coming to take kids for their sessions, you can’t help that.ย  You managed the activities and the classroom really well….it was great that you offered J. a break when you could see he was getting unsettled, but he still knew he had come back to complete his work. You reassured J. several times which was really good…managed behaviour by ignoring and redirecting. D. did really well engaging with that magnet activity….until he didn’t. You mostly ignored his behaviour and did get him to do some work….”

Me: “I really feel that I didn’t get him to work long enough though.”

G: “No, you have to read your kids. He wasn’t really ready to engage…which you knew.ย  You persuaded L. to come and work with you using visuals, which was really good…you were constantly checking on the rest of the kids to see if they were okay…I can even tick you off for (Standard) 3.7 as you were engaging with therapists throughout the session….your SSO knew what to do when finished with set task….your relationship with your students is excellent.”

Final thoughts and next steps

I found the difference between my line manager’s perspective and my own really interesting. While I was concerned that more of my students weren’t working at once, she saw that they were either engaged doing something independently or in a therapy session. I felt that I wasn’t extending some of my students enough whereas she saw that all my tasks and expectations were differentiated for each student. ย I didn’t even acknowledge how calm and quiet the classroom was, but it was a very valid point. I feel that the relationship I have with my students is one of my strengths, so I was glad to have that reiterated.

My next steps are to:

  • Set up a sign-in table for students to practice name-writing at the beginning of each day (differentiated to suit levels).
  • Focus on my lower-level learners as my independent learners are now engaged for a longer period of time as a result of combining Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Adapt T’s schedule by using physical objects that are meaningful to his day.
  • Continue to work with Step 9 teacher on meeting Sensory needs. Make a sensory activity for Friday afternoon and write a reflective post afterwards.




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