katherine zagotsis
Highly Accomplished Teacher. AAC Communication Partner & Advocate. Mum of one. Accidental Leader. Reflectionist, Mentor and life-long learner.

Engaging Now! 7.4

You're right, it is a very low number. What's your opinion on the accreditation process?

About 2 weeks ago from Katherine Zagotsis's Twitter via Twitter for Android

Demonstrating 4.5

Focus Area: H.A 5.1

E1-Artefact 5-ABLES English Reading & Writing


This screenshot of a completed Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) assessment shows an increase in literacy outcomes of the students in my class, who are represented on the Y-axis of the graph. (Each student has shown an improvement besides for the last who has a degenerative condition). ABLES is an external student assessment […]

E1 – Artefact 3 – Communication Matrix


A3: This artefact shows how I apply a comprehensive range of assessment strategies to diagnose learning needs (5.1). This assessment tool was introduced to staff as a method of collecting formal data on student’s language development. Importantly, it includes AAC as a method of communication. It added to my existing method of observations, anecdotal notes and conversations with colleagues. These screenshots show the […]

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