katherine zagotsis
Highly Accomplished Teacher. AAC Communication Partner & Advocate. Mum of one. Accidental Leader. Reflectionist, Mentor and life-long learner.

Engaging Now! 7.4

You're right, it is a very low number. What's your opinion on the accreditation process?

About 2 weeks ago from Katherine Zagotsis's Twitter via Twitter for Android

Demonstrating 4.5

Focus Area: H.A 6.4

5 Highlights of 2018


Can I just say that I actually really love this time of year? I like that the end of the teaching year forces me to stop, consider, reflect. Taken from this post, the following, in no particular order is my five highlights of 2018: One: Successfully teaching a class of students with much higher needs than […]

STEM 500 Day 4: Systems Thinking


On Friday the 17th of August, I attended Day 4 of STEM 500 at the Education Development Centre. Our learning intentions for the day were to: Become familiar with the language of programming Explore user interfaces and digital systems Understand systems thinking All while understanding how the content related to pedagogy and the Digital Technologies Curriculum. We […]

500 STEM Educators in Primary Schools Project (Day 1 and 2)


Over the past two days, myself and my colleague Deanne have taken part in PD as part of the STEM 500 Project. This is a long-term strategy that began as a trial in 2017 and will be completed by 2020. The aim is to have 500 STEM specialists in Primary Schools, training teachers so that we […]

Motor Activity Ideas Workshop


Physio Therapy Application for Classroom Practice I have a number of students in my class this year who exhibit a number of gross motor delays or impairments.  Theory reflects this, with ‘motor impairment in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder significantly higher than the typically developing population’ (Lloyd, MacDonald and Lord, 2013).  These delays range from […]

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