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Highly Accomplished Teacher. AAC Communication Partner & Advocate. Mum of one. Accidental Leader. Reflectionist, Mentor and life-long learner.

Engaging Now! 7.4

You're right, it is a very low number. What's your opinion on the accreditation process?

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Demonstrating 4.5

Focus Area: Prof 1.2

Sensory Processing: the tools and strategies we might use


Last month I attended a Professional Development session after work ran by one of the educators at Daphne Street Childcare. This is an Autism-Specific centre, run by AnglicareSA. A lot of what was shared was familiar: terms and strategies that I had heard since beginning teaching in special education late 2014. So much so that I […]

An Extracurricular Observation


An Extracurricular Observation Last Friday, during Cooking, I had my second observation of the year.  I’ve always taken the whole class to the Living Skills room, while some teachers choose to take a few students at a time or to do cooking in their classrooms. I think this a missed learning opportunity, especially as transitioning  to […]

Sensory Activities


Sensory Activities Ideas, concerns and my changing mindset In Term 3, I had the opportunity to be mentored by more experienced teacher, N. as part of her Step 9 Performance and Development Plan. I was excited to work alongside her as when I first started at the school, we had NIT together. I watched as […]

Term 3 Timetable


Term 3 Timetable The changes in my timetable for this term come from both a conversation with my line manager and the realisation that with one of my students being moved to a more appropriate class, I am able to fit in a lot more.  I’ve added ‘Sign-in’ to when students are arriving and unpacking their […]

Term 2 Timetable 2017


Term 2 Timetable 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8.40 -9.00 Unpack bags Unpack bags Unpack bags Unpack bags Unpack bags 9.00 -9.30 Toileting Gross Motor Circuit Gross Motor Circuit Gross Motor Circuit Gross Motor Circuit 9.30 -10.45 Swimming Depart: 9.40 Swim: 10.00-10.45 Return: 11.00   Art Literacy   Numbers   Money Multi-Sports 9:55-10.35 10.45-11.10 […]

Morning Circuit and Sensory Regulation


  Morning Circuit In my class, we start each day with half an hour of exercise. My SSO and I work 1:1 with students to help them complete the circuit before starting any academic work. The circuit starts with jumping on the trampoline, then crawling through the tunnel followed by lying on the scooter board […]

Communication All Day, Every Day


Communication All Day, Every Day Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)-Jane Farrall Week 0 PD was all about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). At my site, we use a combination of Proloquo2Go,  Boardmaker visuals and PODD books. There is at least one iPad in every classroom with Proloquo2Go and the same core vocabulary (7 x 11 set-up). […]

‘Do you teach these kids curriculum? How?’


“Do you teach these kids curriculum? How?” I work closely with my students’ therapists, often sitting in on part of the session or taking the opportunity to practice ProloQuo2go. If they have worked in the classroom, we will have a short discussion about what they’ve achieved or any concerns they might have. It’s not compulsory […]

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