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Highly Accomplished Teacher. AAC Communication Partner & Advocate. Mum of one. Accidental Leader. Reflectionist, Mentor and life-long learner.

Engaging Now! 7.4

@ReneeTreml Hi 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that my husband, myself and my baby sit down together every night to read 'Look, Baby.' It's such a lovely book for the end of the day.

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Demonstrating 4.5

Focus Area: Prof 6.3

Reward Systems


This will be my 8th year of teaching and within that time, I have never used a reward system. The site I’m at however, has been implementing Positive Behaviour Intervention Support for about a year and a half. This approach uses both incidental and explicit teaching of expected behaviour, which ideally, decreases the negative behaviour […]

STEM 500: Days 7 & 8


I’ve spent two days out of the classroom this week, continuing with the STEM 500 project I’ve been involved in since last year.  Like many things, being in a Special Education context has given me a different lens through which to view this learning and I’ve been questioning, considering and making attempts at adaptation.  While I’ve been […]

STEM 500 Day 5: Design Thinking


On Wednesday the 5th of September, I attended Day 5 of the STEM 500 project, which focused on Design Thinking. This left the Digital Technologies part of the Technology learning area behind, leaving us with more familiar territory, Design and Technology. We were set several learning intentions for the day, but the ones which resonated […]

STEM 500 Day 4: Systems Thinking


On Friday the 17th of August, I attended Day 4 of STEM 500 at the Education Development Centre. Our learning intentions for the day were to: Become familiar with the language of programming Explore user interfaces and digital systems Understand systems thinking All while understanding how the content related to pedagogy and the Digital Technologies Curriculum. We […]

Assessment 2018: Mid-Term Reports


I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past few weeks, reflecting on student progress, updating goals and having conversations with colleagues about assessment. At my site, we don’t have a school-wide template for writing reports, so they vary in layout and length. This is mostly due to the huge variation in student needs, […]

STEM 500 Day 3: Robotics


On Wednesday the 20th of June, I attended Day 3 of STEM 500 at the Education Development Centre. As part of the Thinking Technologically focus group, I’m gradually coming to a better understanding of terms such as computational and systems thinking, automation and iterations. Every session I also become more aware of what a close tie that the […]

Mentoring in Practice: Video Observations, Professional Conversations and Vicarious Learning


I’ve been lucky enough to be mentoring a Pre-Service Teacher during her final placement. I didn’t tell Giulia this while she was working alongside me, but my Research Project while at uni was ‘Do student teachers implement the theory that they’ve learned at university while they’re on practicum?’ I’d found….not really. They were often more likely to […]

Managing Challenging Behaviour


Managing Challenging Behaviour At the beginning of this year, it was decided by leadership that every child in the school should have a positive behaviour support plan.  Two of my colleagues had been working on a template to achieve this, but to be honest I didn’t like the wording of “1st protocol, 2nd protocol, 3rd […]

Sensory Activities


Sensory Activities Ideas, concerns and my changing mindset In Term 3, I had the opportunity to be mentored by more experienced teacher, N. as part of her Step 9 Performance and Development Plan. I was excited to work alongside her as when I first started at the school, we had NIT together. I watched as […]

Term 3 Timetable


Term 3 Timetable The changes in my timetable for this term come from both a conversation with my line manager and the realisation that with one of my students being moved to a more appropriate class, I am able to fit in a lot more.  I’ve added ‘Sign-in’ to when students are arriving and unpacking their […]

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