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Highly Accomplished Teacher. AAC Communication Partner & Advocate. Mum of one. Accidental Leader. Reflectionist, Mentor and life-long learner.

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Focus Area: Prof 7.2

2018: New Year, New Class


Towards the end of last year, staff spent several meetings working on class lists.  I’m not sure how it works at other sites, but we consider every child, working and reworking.  Generally the class teacher thinks about their current students and where they are best placed, but the opinions of NIT teachers, relief teachers and […]

Digital Technologies in Special Education


 Planning and Co-Creating One of the targets I’d set myself after coming back from Educhange in September was to create a Digital Technologies differentiated unit plan for Term 4.  I’d expanded on my limited knowledge of coding, robotics etc and the question I had-if it was possible to teach these skills to students with intellectual disabilities-had […]

Managing Challenging Behaviour


Managing Challenging Behaviour At the beginning of this year, it was decided by leadership that every child in the school should have a positive behaviour support plan.  Two of my colleagues had been working on a template to achieve this, but to be honest I didn’t like the wording of “1st protocol, 2nd protocol, 3rd […]

#PSTchat: Co-hosting on Creating an Inclusive Classroom


#PSTchat: Co-hosting on Creating an Inclusive Classroom On the 31st October (2017), I co-hosted a Twitter chat for the first time with Stephy Salazar. I first met Steph a few months ago at Educhange, where she was running a session on how to best support new teachers.  This was interesting to me in itself.  Now that […]

Expanding My Professional Learning Network


Expanding My Professional Learning Network (PLN) At the start of this year, I set myself a goal of expanding my Professional Learning Network.  I was planning on participating in a few Twitter chats and following a few more people, being a little more active on the Teachers of Adelaide Facebook group  and that was about […]

Performance and Development 2017


Performance and Development 2017 Term 3 At the end of last term, every teacher on site was given a Performance and Development package, some of which was to be completed before undergoing our observation. This post will be a response to each stage in the Performance and Development process. Pre-Observation Chat My line manager and I […]

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention


Nonviolent Crisis Intervention A course focusing on the safe management of disruptive and assaultive behaviour There are a lot of differences between mainstream and special education. What seem like the smallest achievements call for the biggest celebrations (my student pushed his own chair in for the first time this week!), the environment is different and […]

Medication Management


Medication Management I have a student in my class who requires medication twice a day during school hours. The school provides a Medicaion Authority form (blank) that is given to parents. The name of the medication, form, route (oral, inhaled, topical) and any other instructions for administration are completed by a health care professional. The […]

Communication All Day, Every Day


Communication All Day, Every Day Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)-Jane Farrall Week 0 PD was all about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). At my site, we use a combination of Proloquo2Go,  Boardmaker visuals and PODD books. There is at least one iPad in every classroom with Proloquo2Go and the same core vocabulary (7 x 11 set-up). […]

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