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Working with the OSHC director to set up SeeSaw

January 17, 2019 | Focus Areas: | | | 0 COMMENTS

During the last few weeks of last year, the OSHC director approached me and asked if I could meet with her to set up SeeSaw to use during OSHC and Vacation Care in 2019.  SeeSaw is an online learning journal where students or an adult on their behalf can take photos, videos and share notes which can then be shared with parents.  I followed up with her a few days later and suggested that we set it up in Week 9 so that she could use it these holidays. The following is the conversation we had:

Me: Hi, probably should’ve asked you this before, but have you downloaded the app?

S: Erm, think I’ve got the parent one for my kids.

Me: Ok, so you’re going to want the teacher one, so let’s do that first. I’ve also printed you a copy of the privacy guidelines and highlighted the ones which I think are the most important. They’re just things like not using last names and using avatars instead of photos for each kid. I’d also avoid taking group photos, just in case. Has it finished downloading yet?

S: Yes! Finally.

Me: Alright, let’s make a class.

(S. then started adding names of the students off the top of her head, which was quite frankly, impressive).

S: What if I have two students with the same name? Should I just use the initials of their last name?

Me: I think that sounds good.

S: I reckon that’s everyone, but I’m just going to grab the list from my office to check.

Me: Alright, then we can organise the QR codes to send home to parents if you like?

S: Thanks again for doing this, my supervisor has been on at me ages to get this done. I feel like I’m taking up your time.

Me: Will you stop?! You asked me to help and I’m happy to. Anyway, you’re saving me from cutting. I’m just thinking…in your position you might want to get extra permission from parents, just in case.

S: My supervisor has approved this, but maybe.

Me: Ok, I think I saw a letter for parents on the website somewhere, I’ll print it for you if I can find it again. So I’d send this home alongside the QR code. Then you’re better covered.

S: Ok, thanks…how do you actually use the app?

Me: Oh! Sorry! See the little green plus in the right-hand corner? Press that and then choose what you want to do. So if you want to take a photo, choose that. Let’s take a photo of…the computer mouse, because that’s really exciting. Then when you’ve done that, choose which student it belongs to and when you’ve finished, press the green tick in the upper right corner.

S: Seriously?! That’s it? That’s so easy!

Me: Isn’t it? The other thing I use quite a lot is sending a note home to all families, especially with letting them know that I won’t be in the next day. And for you, I’m thinking it might be good if you’re going on excursion to remind them of what to bring?

S: Yes please! That’d be great.

Me: I think that’s pretty much it, let me know if you run into any trouble with it.


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