What you need to know...

Do teachers need to pay for this themselves?

No, not at all! When we create licenses for your team on Edufolios, we make it as easy as possible for them. We’ll provide you with a unique discount code for your team to use. They simply jump onto our site and get started with their Edufolio!

How do we pay?

We’ll create an invoice for you, that you can give to your bursar / finance officer. That way your team doesn’t have to worry about paying for anything themselves (they simply use the link / code you give them).

What happens at renewal?

We’ll contact you before you’re licenses are due for renewal. We can review the licenses you need, and assist with any additional requirements you may have identified during your first year.  We’ll then simply re-create some discount codes for you and generate a new invoice. Easy peasy!

So what do I need to do now?

Just fill out the form on this page, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. If you want to proceed with it, just drop us a reply and we’ll get your licenses setup.

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