How to pay

Enter the number of licenses you require in the form on this page and we will apply our current discounting model for you automatically. Click the purchase button, and you’ll be prompted to provide your payment details. You card will then be charged and the outcome of the payment shown on screen immediately. If successful, a receipt will be emailed to you for the payment automatically.

What happens next?

We will issue you with your unique discount code that can be used to create the number of Edufolios you’ve requested. You (or your staff) can then use this code directly on the screen (where you sign up for an Edufolio) meaning that a payment method will not be required to get your new Edufolios up and running. You’re ready to get started!

Note: Your card details are not stored on our system and are tokenised by the Stripe for your security.  All payments occur over an encrypted connection.

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