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Great for those studying to be a teacher. You're going to get the support you need with us 😉 !
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  • Your portfolio created in 10 Seconds
  • Standards guides to help you
  • Analytics to support your growth

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  • Standards guides to help you
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  • Professional learning record
  • Works from graduate to lead
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Perfect for creating schools and universities who encourage reflective practice and growth.
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"Got my Full Registration / Proficient status much more smoothly and efficiently than many of my other early career teacher colleagues.."

It has made everything so much simpler and ultimately has resulted in me getting my Full Registration/Proficient status much more smoothly and efficiently than many of my other early career teacher colleagues.

- Sarah Barrett,
St. Joseph's School, Murray Bridge


How is this different to other site builders or OneNote?

Edufolios™ is not actually a site builder. We WILL build your portfolio for you (in under 10 seconds I might add) but we do far more than make ‘pretty sites’ (oh yes… we’ve heard that one before).  Our Subscribers enjoy the fact that they don’t have to worry about building a site. You’re not being assessed on your site building capabilities anyway!  We help you get to reflecting, curating, and celebrating your impact straight away – no site building (or set up) required.

I have lost track of the amount of people who have come to me and told me how many hours, stress and tears they have wasted trying to build a website to demonstrate their impact in their classroom.  They’re losing time with their families, their friends and time to get on with the actual process of reflection and they haven’t even got to the evidence part yet!

I've only just started my degree / career is now the right time?

There is absolutely no pre-requisite of time for beginning your portfolio. In fact, the earlier you start, the easier it’s going to be when it’s time to compile it for assessment or accreditation.  The more evidence you have, the more celebrating and growth you’re going to experience.  Edufolios ™ will guide you to turn your reflections about what’s been happening in your lectures, workshops, professional learning, classroom or site into powerful pieces of evidence with the right artefacts.  We work with teachers at every career stage – Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead.

How does Edufolios™ help me work with the teaching standards?

Then, we give you a tool called the Edufolios Standard Guide.  It’s there the whole time you’re writing to help you to select the right focus areas, check you have the right artefacts and show you just how many of the standards you’re really hitting with your practice. It even helps you to deepen your reflection and see how you can improve your impact.  It’s amazing how much better that feels that way!

When faced with the task of trying to meet 37 focus areas in each career stage (or 148 across all four career stages) it gets (pretty understandably) overwhelming! If you start with the standards and NOT your practice, you’re moving in unchartered territory.  The cognitive overload that creates causes so many people to run in the other direction for as long as possible! We get it!

The truth is, you’re already hitting those standards every time.  Why? Because every time you teach, you will touch on something in the teaching standards. At Edufolios™ we help you to flip the whole thing on it’s head. We ask you to start with what you’re doing already in your classroom, your uni. course or with your team. Not the standards.  Back in the comfort zone!

I'm not very Technical. Will this be easy enough for me to use?

Teaching is hard enough! We’re not here to make it harder – we promise. In fact, Edufolios™ is designed to be super user friendly.  You don’t have to build a website. We’re going to do that for you! If you get stuck, at any stage, you can simply reach out to our very friendly support staff who will help you.  We’ve even got a detailed knowledge base waiting for you.  Check it out now if you like. Drop us an email if you have any questions.   

Can I get my Money Back if I'm not Happy?

Edufolios™ is a subscription based service.  It work just like Netflix.  You sign up and, after your trial, we start taking payment.  You can choose to cancel your membership at anytime. If you decided to take a break from Edufolios, (maternity leave, contracts etc.) we will keep your information safe and secure until you’re ready to come back and build on it again.  Just sign back up and pick up where you left off! 

It’s cheaper to sign up for a year. But, if you’re not sure, we’d advise starting with a monthly subscription and then swapping over later. That way, you give yourself the chance to stop payments on a month by month basis. 

What have you done to make sure my data is safe?

Edufolios™ stores all of it’s data in Australia.  As a result, your evidence, reflections, artefacts and data are all protected by Australian privacy laws and always remains in Australia. Our entire system is protected by a powerful firewall that is specifically designed to prevent malicious attacks. We’ve even encrypted the data as it moves back and forth between us and you. The database that holds it all, when you’re not working on it, is also encrypted and is only accessible by our trained staff.  We’re built on top of Amazon Web Services and use a clever system of self-healing servers all so that we can prevent outages and make sure you have access to your data at all times.  

"..made it possible for beginners like me to successfully make a portfolio without requiring any training or knowledge of website design."

As a beginner in using platforms like Edufolios, Edufolios has given me the necessary tools to successfully create my professional educational portfolio. The ease in navigating and creating evidence posts – uploading images, creating hyperlinks and adding in quotes – made it possible for beginners like me to successfully make a portfolio without requiring any training or a ton of knowledge of website design.

- Jeannie Lai-Salazar,
Pre-service Primary R-7 Teacher

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