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Demonstrating 4.5

Demonstrating 4.5 AGAIn

Discover 365 in the Classroom

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This PD and my own Practice

For me, the goal with this session was to update my skills with Microsoft now that it operates in the cloud.  I have written and shared many learning and teaching ideas for using Microsoft Office int he past. However, I have to admit that parts of my knowledge around 365 were a little cloudy (pun intended).  There were certainly some tools that, I had little or no experience of.  I am aware that, at Flinders, all of our staff and students have access to the full 365 suite and I was keen to explore how I might use these tools as part of our discussions around the content of the ICT General Capability and The Digital Technologies curriculum as well as how they may be used as a scaffold to explore learning technology frameworks such as TPACK, SAMR, The triple E framework. etc.  This year, I will mostly be working with the Masters of Teaching course and I am keen to make sure that my knowledge of these technologies is upto date and  that I have time to contextualise it in the context of the learning environment and opportunities open to us all as learners within it! As you will see below, my head is spinning and I have plenty to work with now 😉

The Microsoft Education Portal

Used with permission from Microsoft.

I began my journey on this site a few years ago and I have always pointed my students to the Skype section and their profiles where they can tell others their availability. This often helps overcome any concerns they may have about meeting the ICT general Capability’s requirement for students to work with “unknown audiences” beyond year 4. The tools that Microsoft provide on this portal allow teachers to access vetted “unknown audiences” as well as to connect with schools and classrooms around the globe.  (I will discuss Skype a little more later on)

Student Teacher Education Program. Online resource by Microsoft – Used with permission from Microsoft.”

What was timely about the reminder to pop back into the portal was the addition of two new features.  One of which is specifically aimed at ITTs.  Microsoft has created an entire portal of online training and resources for student teachers!  Having had some time now to sit and explore the content, I am pleased to say it’s pretty good stuff and it aligns well to the structure I usually adopt in 9404.  It approaches ICT from the perspective of ethics, pedagogy, technology and professional productivity.  Although I would not expect my students to complete all four modules (40 hours is a LOT) , there will be some very rich resources in here that can be used to supplement and scaffold my teaching.  This would also be a place where they could confidently achieve certification as a Microsoft Innovative Educator – something that, if it interests them, would help them stand out a little in the job market.

Target: I need to make sure that I highlight this resource to the rest of the team.  I also need to review my current content and ensure that I provide opportunities to connect with this content  more fully.  There will be students who will find this to be a very valuable resource to support their learning.  I need to complete the course myself so that I can use assessment in my workshop to inform which modules I guide them to.

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