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OneNote in the classroom

Now, I’ve used OneNote a lot.  I’ve used it like a big virtual ring binder and filled it with plans and ideas around topics.  I hadn’t however, got any idea about the specific Education Addons that are available. With these tools, a whole new world seems to appear.  Teachers can create notebooks and share them with students.  Creating one giant notebook  (using Class Notebook) for the whole class which contains content, space for students to write (in what appears to them to be their own onenote book) and more.  Look at how you can print a document, into the one note, annotate it and audio record at the same time.  When the student plays it back it highlights your inking.  They can even choose to look at just one part of the ink and hear the appropriate part of the audio (rather than listen to the whole thing).


Target: This got me thinking about how I was curious about making the heat mapped Rubrics digital.  I’m considering whether I create a Class Notebook for each of the workshop groups and paste the rubrics into their individual books. They can then highlight on that document and we can watch that change over time.  I will be able to see their progress and use that to inform group configurations, resources, readings etc.  It could make the formative assessment process much more useful!

The feedback from the teachers we were working in during these two sessions has prompted Troy and I to offer another PD opportunity int he October holidays. One whole day dedicated to One Note and how it can be used.  We touched on a lot very quickly in this session – see embedded Storify below and we are all excited to explore this in far more detail.

One Note Learning Tools

Another tool set we saw was the Learning Tools set. This, coupled with Lens, allows you to take a picture of anything and have the immersive reader tool set read it, break it down into word and sentence levels and more.  In this short video, you can see Troy demonstrate it here. It is also possible to speak in several different languages and have the software translate or type what you are saying.

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