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I’ve used Skype since it began. I love Skype. I once started the Mystery Skype Australia website with a colleague.. long before Microsoft bought it!  I’ve been a part of some skype calls to UK classrooms and Whyalla and I’ve used Skype to keynote from my office!  It’s an amazing tool.  I’ve already mentioned the Microsoft Education site and the virtual tours and links to safe “unknown” sources.  What i didn’t realise is, that all this time, Skype could translate what I was saying!  Check this out.

Target: This is something I need to explore further and something I need to add to my arsenal when working with language teachers!  This is also something I need to discuss with my 9404s in relation to digital citizenship.  Time zones can be tricky but asia is closer than we think. Imagine the possibilities!


Used with permission from Microsoft.

Much like google forms, Microsoft’s version allows you to create surveys or quizzes.  It enables you to export the data into excel and present the collected data into graphs and tables. Perfect for numeracy projects.  Troy discussed how moving paper based quizzes into this format also enabled teachers to save time with data transfer.  This is something else that I need to make sure we talk about.

Target: I should show this to Julie and see if we can work it into the numeracy weeks in the topic. I should also remember to model this as a formative assessment tool and ensure I build in a quiz at the start and end of a workshop that might show them their progress and begin a learning conversation. Just as I used to use voting tools on my IWB as an English teacher.  We can then discuss the pedagogical applications of using it in this way and add to their arsenal of things they could choose to talk about in their assignment.


Many of the tools we explored had unique features which enable accessibility for students with learning disabilities.  Immersive reader was designed to support dyslexic students. With fonts and colour options to meet a students individual needs.  Skype can enable a hearing impaired participant to not only see the conversation but have what is said transcribed for them live so that they may read it.  These are aspects that I could discuss in much more detail in my teaching of 9404

In conclusion:

I need to move away from Google Docs in my workshops and begin to use the tools we have on campus and in our tenant. There are some amazing opportunities here to talk about security, pedagogy and theory and to build on my own tool kit of pedagogies. I look forward to seeing what I can use and evaluating the results 🙂


If you are someone who attended the PD as too then please feel free to comment below if you have anything to add.  If you’ve recorded your learning somewhere i’d love to read it!  Leave me a link 🙂

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