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Chief learner, Uni lecturer, Co-founder and mum. Passionate about empowering my students, myself and my colleagues so that we can be the best we can be.
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The Reflective Teacher Podcast

January 3, 2021 | Focus Areas: | | | 0 COMMENTS

The Reflective Teacher Podcast with Selena Woodward
The Reflective Teacher Podcast

For the past year and a half, I have been recording 15-45 minute episodes of the Reflective Teacher Podcast.  In the course of these episodes, I have created multiple free downloads and shared key tips and tricks on a range of subjects.  The aim being to help provide opportunities for educators to share their stories, to connect with mine and to grow and learn from those stories together.

In some episodes I have been really lucky to have guests speaking about their experiences, research and more. These engaging professional discussions give us the opportunity to evaluate practice and improve our professional knowledge – all so we can, of course improve he educational outcomes of our students (6.3).  Each episode is a short opportunity for educators to learn from one another. The content is highly targeted with clear themes and ideas to help teachers either improve their practice (6.2) or develop their understanding of the process of teacher accreditation and registration.

Several episodes have focused purely on how to use the Australian Professional Standards to analyse and plan their own development and growth.  We have episodes in which we cover target and goal setting, identifying growth areas and moments to celebrate practice. We also have several episodes on mentoring and supporting new teachers in the classroom. (6.1)






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