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The day I learnt how to reflect on my practice with Edufolios

March 11, 2021 | Focus Areas: | | | 0 COMMENTS

I’m trying out Edufolios.  There’s a woman called Selena Woodward who’s walking me through how it all works.  She’s telling me that I shouldn’t start with the standards.  How crazy! Aren’t I here to learn about how to work with them?

Ok.  so today, in my year 9 English class i ran a new activity called “walking in their shoes”.  I got the kids to draw around their feet on a long piece of paper. 6 footprints.  Then. I asked them to put key quotes from a scene on the outside.  Quotes that might reveal something about what the character is thinking or feeling.  They then popped what the character was thinking or feeling on the inside of the foot.

I got the idea for this teaching strategy from a colleague. I was struggling to engage my students in this activity and she invited me to see how she was tackling the same problem. The constructive feedback I gained from that observation helped me to develop an idea to improve my own practice.  I saw her do this in a History lesson to really break down a source and I thought it might be a great way to get the kids to slow down and explore characterisation a little more.  Exploring characterisation involves critical thinking and they needed to be paced better to give themselves time to connect with that.

In my lessson plan, I wanted to focus on characterisation. This is the second lesson in a series on a major theme and we will continue to explore how the writer creates charactersation inline with the English curriculum at Year 9….. I’ve noticed that my students have been struggling with this concept and I wanted to make it more interactive and to slow them down to get them to think more deeply.  To try out this experience and see what they could glean from it.  Next lesson, I’m going to get them to tell me which words in the quotes that they chose, made them think these things. We’ll close read and explore the writers language and choices.

It went really well. The kids were so engaged and I was really surprised in the quality of their answers.  So much inference going on!  It was great!

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