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Professional LEarning with Selena on how to create evidence

November 6, 2021 | Focus Areas: | | 0 COMMENTS

I attended a professional development session with Selena Woodward today.  We talked about how to create evidence of practice.. story first… standards second.

WE talked a about how Edufolios can help me to reduce my workload because it has these great tools in it that tell me what standards I am hitting and then which focus areas

I was learning about the standards and how they are broken into carer stages That each career stage has a different focus,

I had year 5 today.,

I’d marked their books annotating their written work to look to see if they had met the defined success criteria.  This is an informal formative assessment to check in and see where they are at.  and noticed that they hadn’t quite got concept A



This example of data from the MS form I used to collate student/ parent reposnses demonstrated…. FA  because context

I’ve planned a  lessson for tomorrow in which I have designed some teaching activities with different strategies to see if we can solve the problem.  I believe by suing resources X, Y and z resources student A B and C will be able to   FGH … and planning to assess.  I feel that, the resources I used today, were holding back my ESL students as language was being a barrier.


them using Z strategy.

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