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Chief learner, Uni lecturer, Co-founder and mum. Passionate about empowering my students, myself and my colleagues so that we can be the best we can be.
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About Selena

Selena trained to be an English and Drama teacher in England in the late 90s. She’s spent her entire teaching career experimenting with technology and exploring how it can be used to help her students to connect with and engage in deeper learning.  In England she worked with the Local Authority as a Hands on Support (HOS) Trained teacher and was asked to support English teachers around Birmingham when they needed help with the integration of technology into their classroom.

As her career progressed she took on responsibility for coordinating ICT across the curriculum at Shenley Academy working closely with teachers in the English, Media and MFL (LOTE) departments at the school.  Her HOS training meant that she was able to offer just-in-time and hands on support to the staff she worked with and, as a result, had a direct impact on raising achievement at the school.

Selena is an outstanding teacher and communicator. She transformed the way in which our school used ICT, and in particular interactive whiteboards, in our teaching and had a direct impact on raising achievement at the school as a result.

She is a passionate, committed person with unfailing energy and enthusiasm. She passes this enthusiasm to colleagues and pupils alike. Her positive nature and energy are inspirational… She leads the way in developing and sharing resources, but it is her training of others which has seen the most impact. Her knowledge and understanding of education are outstanding and she really knows how to connect ICT with learning. ”

June 24, 2011

Jill AppletonAssistant Principal, Shenley Academy managed Selena at Shenley Academy

The more she worked with staff the more opportunities presented themselves.  For example, she worked with SMART and Promethean boards, explored the use of MOODLE as a virtual learning environment (VLE) and then, later on, helped to establish the effective use of the Sharepoint based VLE that the academy took on.  Filled with passion for the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning, she experimented with a whole heap of educational technologies. laptops, interactive whiteboards, podcasts, web questing and many more tools resulted in real successes in the classroom.

In 2007 she came to South Australia on a sabbatical, working at Thebarton Senior College part-time whilst training the staff there to get the best out of their brand new Promethean boards. England had her back in 2008 but didn’t keep her for long!  The sunshine, warmth and beautiful beaches of Adelaide called her back in 2009 and she’s now here to stay.  Since her return she’s worked a contract as an English and Drama at St Mary’s College and is currently employed at Flinders University as an ICT Pedagogical Officer for the Teaching Teachers for the Future Project.

Whilst working fulltime as a teacher, Selena also managed to develop and gain recognition for her skills. She has been invited to speak at CEGSA conferences, conducted lectures at Flinders University and worked with lots of schools. She has gained certification in several brands of IWB software.  She’s a SMART exemplary educator, both a curriculum developer and an accredited training and resource developer for Promethean and an accredited RM Easiteach Partner as well as having recently completed the train the trainer course at SMART’s Electroboard Training School in Sydney.  This places Selena in a unique position to be able to offer advice to school seeking to discover which system will suit them best or who are  dealing with a situation where they have multiple boards types installed with their various software packages.

Of course, Selena’s ICT in Education (ICTE) skills are not limited to Interactive Whiteboards!  She is currently running courses in Augmented Reality, Developing Personal Learning Networks using Social Media, iPads and iPods, Moodle, QR codes and many more cutting edge technologies and she’s really happy to share this knowledge with you. All of these technologies are shared with the TPACK framework in mind.  A framework that Selena is highly skilled in implementing and training others in.


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