Selena Woodward
Chief learner, Uni lecturer, Co-founder and mum. Passionate about empowering my students, myself and my colleagues so that we can be the best we can be.

Engaging Now! 7.4

RT @JocelynBrewer Good afternoon #UKed|#UKedchat folx, I'm definitely getting on a plane from Syd to Paris in mid-April. I'd love to pop over to the UK too! If you'd like to upskill your community on healthful digital habits (without detoxes, bans or moral panic) read this:…

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Focus Area: Grad 7.2

Professional LEarning with Selena on how to create evidence

I attended a professional development session with Selena Woodward today.Β  We talked about how to create evidence of practice.. story first… standards second. WE talked a about how Edufolios can help me to reduce my workload because it has these great tools in it that tell me what standards I am hitting and then which […]

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