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What are my PD requirements?

If you’re wondering how many hours you need to complete and what kinds of activities can count towards your professional development hours then check out the tabs below.

Awarding Body:  Teacher Registration Board SA

Hours of PD Required:  60 (every 3 years)

Examples of Activities Include (but are not limited to): 

Research activities centered on education issues

  • Online Learning
  • Face to Face Learning
  • Opportunities from Communities of practice
  • Formal Study or training centered on Educational Issues


Awarding Body: Queensland College of Teachers

Hours of PD Required: 

  • Full Registration: 20 (each year if you teach for more than 20 days in that year)
  • Provisional Registration: No quantified amount

Examples of Activities Include (but are not limited to):

A range of activities must be provided. Things like (but not limited to)

  • Development that has resulted from being a part of an education system initiative (pilots, trials and projects)
  • Activities offered by PD providers and consultants (workshops, conferences, seminars etc)
  • School/employer based PD offered during PD days.
  • syllabus, curriculum and assessment PD conducted by QCAA, education organisations or professional associations.
  • Training for national and state test marking
  • Training for or development that has occurred as a result of formal presentations to colleagues about classroom practices, research findings or issues in education
  • Leading school based curriculum/policy development
  • action research projects
  • Training to and then providing support as a mentor/supervisor of pre-service or beginning teachers.
  • Professional reading (journals, discussion Queenslandpapers) with reflections on its impact on professional practice
  • Formal studies – this can not take up all of your hours.
  • Learning gained from work shadowing, colleagial visits or other collaborative activities
  • Online learning


Awarding Body: ACT Teacher Quality Institute

Hours of PD Required:   20 (each year)

Required PD:

  • At least 5 hours of TQI Accredited programs, and
  • At least 5 hours of Teacher Identified activities.
  • Remaining 10 hours can be made up of either accredited or teacher identified programs.

PLEASE NOTE: First aid courses, workplace health and safety, other administrative training and school management and planning days, such as moderation days, cannot be counted towards the required 20 hours PL.

Awarding Body:  Teacher Registration Board of the NT

Hours of PD Required: 100 (over 5 years)

Examples of Activities Include (but are not limited to):


  • Programs, courses and conferences attended off-site
  • Programs, courses and conferences in the school setting/work setting
  • Professional Teaching Association PD events
  • Tertiary study related to a specific teaching/educational field
  • Structured networking with teachers from other schools
  • School visits and exchanges
  • Faculty/team or staff meetings involving discussion of approaches to teaching and learning
  • Professional reading
  • Mentoring another teacher
  • Being mentored by another teacher
  • Classroom observation

Awarding Body: Teacher Registration Board TAS

Hours of PD Required: Engage in professional development activities – No quantified limit

Examples of Activities Include (but are not limited to): Anything which contributes to professional competence, directly or indirectly enhancing teaching and learning

Awarding Body: Teacher Registration Board WA

Hours of PD Required: 80 hours over a 5  year period (this goes to 100 after 7/12/2017)

Examples of Activities Include (but are not limited to):

Formal Activities:

  • activities offered by professional development providers such as workshops, seminars, online learning
  • school-based and employer-provided professional development including professional development days, action research projects, mentoring a junior colleague or critical friend
  •  giving conference or workshop presentations or writing for publication.

In formal activities

  • professional reading
  • professional or collegiate meetings dedicated to teacher professional learning or requiring reflection on professional practice
  • participation in the development of policy or practice within the educational venue or a wider context.”


Awarding Body: Victorian Institute of Teaching

Hours of PD Required: 20 a year

Examples of Activities Include (but are not limited to): 

Some of the PD activities you undertake must build your capacity to teach learners with a disability; focusing on the professional standards which cover these special needs.

  • Design and implement teaching activities that support the learning and participation of learners with disability, and address relevant policy and legislative requirements. (Standard descriptor 1.6)
  • Develop teaching activities that incorporate differentiated strategies to meet the specific learning needs of learners across the full range of abilities. (Standard descriptor 1.5)
  • Establish and implement inclusive and positive interactions to engage and support all learners in learning activities. (Standard descriptor 4.1)

Everything else you complete has to help update your knowledge and can be referenced against the standards.


Awarding Body: Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards 

Hours of PD Required: 

100 hours during your registration period (5 years if full time or 7 if part time)

Teachers employed in a NSW school before 1 October 2004:

You do not need to be accredited and you will not be required to gather evidence of professional learning before January 1st 2018.

Other teachers employed in a NSW:


Your 100 hours must be divided up according to these rules. At least 50 hours of your professional development must come from QTC Registered Professional Development. Half of which must come from non-school-based QTC Endorsed Providers. The remaining 50 hours can be filled with other Teacher Identified professional development, if required.

Teacher Identified Professional Development (all levels of accreditation) can include:

  • informal training, courses, workshops, seminars and activities that teachers undertake either in or outside of school hours, but which are not registered with the BOSTES
  • professional reading
  • observations
  • in-house training
  • research
  • delivery of professional development
  • working with industry
  • preparation of articles published in professional journals
  • reflection activities.
  • Post-graduate studies


Your 100 hours must be divided up according to these rules: 20 hours of QTC Registered Professional Development at Highly Accomplished Teacher or Lead Teacher levels, including QTC School-based Registered Professional Development appropriate to the level of accreditation of the teacher.  The reamaining 80 hours of Teacher Identified Professional Development must contain at least 20 hours of Professional Commitment activities in which you mentor and support other teachers.

Teacher Identified Professional Development (H.A/Lead)

  • mentoring and/or coaching teachers, supervising pre-service teachers including interns
  • leading professional development, leading educational forums in the school, or professional teaching associations or networks
  • developing and implementing projects, including research in their school and the wider education community
  •  writing for publications that contribute to professional knowledge and discussion for teachers.
Last Updated: 1/12/2016

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