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Knowing what others think about Edufolios is really important to us. In fact, we regularly check in with our subscribers to see if there’s anything more we can do for them.  They’ve come up with some awesome features and ideas that have been added to the platform over the years.  Edufolios is a true labour of love and we’d love you to be a part of that.

If you’re still  deciding whether to join us as a future reflectionist  then you’ll want to hear what the current tribe has to say.  There are a few different places on line where our customers share the love, suggestions and thoughts.  On this page, we’ve pulled a few of them together for you.  Have a look at the following testimonials to see what our subscribers have to say about Edufolios and how they’re using it in their practice.

If you’d like to talk to the teachers who use our services then you’re welcome to leave a message in the community forums or pop into one of the Facebook groups we run.  They’re always happy to answer your questions and give you an honest opinion.

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