Edufolios started when I wanted to make more meaning out of the admin I had to do as a teacher here in South Australia.  As I started to add my hours to the TRB’s portal, and complete the form where I had to say how that lined up to the standards, I realised that I was kind a doing the same job twice.  You see, I liked to reflect and blog about what I’d been doing at these PD events and then look at how I’d applied them to my own practice.  I’d kept a blog for years and that blog was an evidence base.  It was full of artifacts and reflection, comments from happy colleagues  and students. The evidence was there but i wasn’t able to tie it back to the standards very easily.

How we’re going to make your life easier…

  • You’re not going to waste time building a website from scratch.   Honestly, why would you spend hours creating a site when we can do that for you in a click of a button?  You can personalise your site’s style to help it stand out from the crowd but you need to be spending time on your reflections and evidence NOT building a website – especially not on a platform that knows nothing about what you’re trying to achieve!

  • You’re going to make one reflection count for ten or more focus areas. Because of the unique way we’ve designed the process, Edufolios makes it super easy for one piece of evidence (or reflection post as we like to call them) to cover heaps of Focus Areas (FAs).  My personal average is around 15 FAs a post… Don’t write a post per standard…  there’s more on that here.

  • You won’t need to know the standards... we’ve got that covered… we’ll show you…
    (WARNING: You WILL know the standards and you’ll probably start saying things like “oh.. that’s a great example of standard such and such to other teachers… – That is ok.  This side effect means that you’re hitting goals and starting to mentor others into hitting their own… go you!)

  • You’re going to start with what you do (and how and why you do itNOT the standards or the need to tick a box for PD.  We flip the process..  You’re doing your job (You’re doing a great job by the way) and so you’re constantly learning and doing the things in those APSFTs.  You’re just going to share that with us in an Edufolio… Edufolios will then help you to understand where that meets the standards.

  • Everything you record here counts as PD hours (or minutes if it’s a quick reflection) All the registration boards agree that learning through reflection is professional development.  The time you spend writing about what you’ve learnt and how you’re going to / have applied that to your classroom COUNTS AS PD HOURS.  a 6 hour day course can turn into 20 hours if you just keep applying what you’ve learnt, writing about it, learning from it, trying a new strategy, writing about it, learning from it.. you get the idea.

  • In fact… We’ll hand you free learning opportunities on a platter (cheese and wine optional) with the collaborate tool. The collaborate tool gives you the chance to connect with the Edufolios tribe, to read each other’s reflections and guide each other to glory! It’s a great way to learn, to reflect and to mentor and support others (does that sound a little Highly accomplished to you? – Good ? )

  • If you’re ever audited by your registration board you can relax.. all the evidence is already organised.  We have an inbuilt tool for keeping a record of your PD hours (In SA you can even use this instead of putting them into the portal).  You can export that record at any time.   That export not only looks fabulous but contains automated links back to evidence posts containing your certificates, reflections and more.. Go on… audit me.. I’m cool with that.

  • You’re going to be energised by this..
    Edufolios has a way of making the mundane a little more interesting.  You’re going to be writing about You… and your students… and you’re going to remind yourself why you do all that work and how much you it!  We’ve actually heard the word addictive come out of the mouths of some of our subscribers… who knew!

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